About Us

Zheng He Global is a brand of photovoltaic energy storage products, and also has sales of 3C digital electronics, kitchen appliances and other categories of products.

Thousands of customers have known us since 2016 for our extremely affordable prices, professional customer service and fast shipping. We are a photovoltaic energy storage service platform dedicated to designing, producing and delivering high-quality photovoltaic energy storage products and other derivative products.

Relying on the foundation of the energy industry, using the cloud network as a tool, green finance as the entrance, and supply chain cloud business + technology and financial integration services as the core; build a one-stop photovoltaic energy storage service platform based on the supply chain, and comprehensively build and connect millions of merchants +The green energy technology ecosystem of tens of millions of public users provides a full range of service solutions for commercial and residential users.

As the infrastructure of our vast grid becomes increasingly unreliable - we believe our energy future lies in smaller, more flexible and more independent sources of electricity. This mindset also informs how we build our company. Our team of 50+ people around the world work hard every day to help more people like you live more sustainable lifestyles and become grid independent.

We make solar power easy.